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Place to Brew is a home brew club with a dedicated beer brewing space situated in Daybrook, Nottingham.

We are a home brewing club like no other – not only do we have a great group of members, keen to learn from one-another and develop our brewing skills… Place to Brew literally takes brewing to the next level with our fabulous club space, where we can meet to share ideas, collaborate and most importantly brew awesome beverages.

For those who are new to home brew, you’re going to absolutely love it – and we’re excited to support you on your journey – for those who already home brew, you know it is an incredibly immersive hobby, and Place to Brew is the ultimate extension.

Place to Brew is a not-for-profit club run by our members for our members – all club funds are put back directly into the running of the club, to bring you the best possible brewing experience whilst enabling accessibility for all brewers. As we’re a fairly new club, we’re far from being the finished article and so we need new members like you to guide, influence & grow the club, maximising the benefits for us all.

We are really pleased that you have shown interest – so if you are considering joining, please read through our membership terms & conditions at https://membermojo.co.uk/placetobrew, to fully understand what’s involved.
If you have any questions before signing please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the Place to Brew committee members, or email us at mailto:PlacetoBrewNotts@gmail.com.

Pilot Brewery

Is brewing beer taking over your house, or are you struggling to fit everything you need in the kitchen? (You’re not alone!) Why not take your brewing elsewhere! Finding space to store all of your equipment, ingredients & manage fermentation whilst brewing your own beer can be challenge. So we’ve set up our space with everything you’ll need to make life easy.

Contact us below and join our WhatsApp group where you can learn the art of beer brewing from our amazing beer club members.

The BrewZilla at a place to brew
The BrewZilla at a place to brew

Join Our Brewing Club

At Place to Brew we cater for all the steps from grain to glass. We have lots of recipes and we can give you advice on where to purchase quality ingredients and benefit from bulk purchases. We also have advice on where to find apps to help you find that perfect recipe for the beer you love and knowledge of exactly what you need to produce your own professional quality beer. At Place To Brew we care for our members and swapping beer is something we regularly enjoy so expect to taste some wonderfully elaborate beer styles.

Brewing Club Membership

Place to Brew membership allows you access the brewing space for support & events. Our Brewer Member gives you cost effective use of the space to brew your own beer. We have four workstations available for members to use. Each workspace has at least a 30 litre electronic brewing unit, wort chiller, running water and brewing gadgets.

Brewing prices include usage of all the equipment you need & want to brew beer (you want it we likely have it), constant supply of RO water, water treatments, cleaning & sanitising agents, and once your wort has been created, we provide a fermentation vessel and somewhere to temperature control the fermenting beer. All you need to bring is your preferred malts, hops & yeast – and we even have a decent stash of those that you can use for a small donation on a honesty box basis.

Prices & options to join the club are detailed below…

Membership prices A Place To Brew

Interested in finding out more? Why not join us…